Last week I hopped on a plane headed for Milwaukee, Wisconsin!  Being a Cali girl all my life I'm so used to one!  When I commented about this to one of the attendees, someone else popped in and said, "yes we do!  We have fire season and drought season!"  Yes! That we do!!  We flew in over Lake Michigan and as the plane started inland it was so green and all the trees were the beautiful colors of fall. It was breath taking as I don't get to admire this kind of beauty too often.  Guess what I took tons of photos of...trees!!  And guess what, the trees must get quite cold, because Milwaukee knits sweaters for their trees!  Seriously!!


I was so honored to be part of Designer Day for the 2016 She Loves Color event hosted by Bella Blvd. There were over 150 attendees who came from all over (from Puerto Rico to Alaska) for this colorful, fun-filled event.  And fun we had!!!  I taught three classes throughout the day, two mini albums and a two page layout.  I finally had the pleasure of meeting so many of you after chatting with you online over the years as well as meeting so many new scrappy friends.  Everyone was so wonderful and I completely felt like a celebrity!!  I also have to give a huge shout out and thank you to Debbie and Judy, two of my workers who volunteered to join me on this trip and help in my classes.  They were awesome and made my day of teaching less stressful.  I would have been the crazy lady without them!  Ha!Ha!  The next few days consisted of opening ceremonies, keynote speakers, six two and a half hour classes with industry-leading educators, crop time, make n takes, a local bazaar, an on-site scrapbooking store, tons of giveaways, and a closing ceremony with some tearful goodbyes.  Yes!  It was that awesome!!  It was so wonderful to see attendees that came alone be welcomed into groups that attended together.  Everyone left with their hearts inspired, luggage filled, tons of memories, and new friends!  What could be better than that?!  Oh, I forgot...and just a tad bit exhausted!


Lucky me, I did get to sight-see a bit!  Milwaukee is beautiful this time of year!  And the food...DELISH!!!  And what is Milwaukee known for....CHEESE!!! And cheese I ate!!!  Lots of it!!  Have you ever had cheese curds?!  OMG!!!  Super yummy, right?!  This was my first time to try them, so I ate them for every meal!  Really, I did!!  Along with beer cheese soup, mac n cheese, and grill cheese sandwiches.  We walked the river front, the lake front, visited the Third Ward and ate more yummy food at the Milwaukee Market...which, by the way, had a yummy bakery so I ate cookies for every meal too!  Good thing we walked a lot!  I even got a selfie with the Fonz!!  Definitely a highlight!  LOL!  It was an amazing four days! 


To learn more about the 2017 She Loves Color event, which takes place October 12-14, 2017, make sure that you follow the official Instagram account at @shelovescolorevent or email the She Loves Color event coordinator Nilmarie at nilmarie (@) BellaBlvd (.) net.  Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my trip with you.

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